Made my day!

Sea Wolf - the violet hour
Your lips are nettles 
Your tongue is wine 
Your laugher's liquid 
But your body's pine 

You love all sailors 
But hate the beach 
You say "Come touch me" 
But you're always out of reach 

In the dark you tell me of a flower
That only blooms in the violet hour 

Your arms are lovely 
Yellow and rose 
Your back's a meadow 
Covered in snow 

Your thighs are thistles 
and hot-house grapes 
You breathe your sweet breath 
And have me waiting 

In the dark you tell me of a flower 
that only blooms in the violet hour 

I turn the lights out 
I clean the sheets 
You change the station 
Turn up the heat 

And now you`re sitting 
Upon your chair 
You`ve got me tangled up 
Inside your beautiful black hair 

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staccato - musikkbloggen

01.mar.2010 kl.19:09

kjempefin sang :) likte den veldig godt!

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